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Titles and honors
National Ecological City
National Sanitary City
National Garden City
National Water-efficient City
National Resident Environment Model
National Environmental Protection Model City
Longevity City of China
Home of Micro-Fiction of China
Excellent Tourist City of China
Happiest City in China
Most livelihood-caring City of China
City of Chinese Couplet Culture
Home to Best River and Sea Food of China
China's Supreme Honourable Accomplishment in People's Livelihood
County with Most Dynamic Private Economy in China's Yangtze River Delta
County (city) with Safe and Smooth Transport Conditions
National Demonstration City of Popular Science
Nationally Advanced City in Development of Science and Technology
Model City of Civil Administration
Model City of Villagers Self-government
Model City in Creating a Culturally-Advanced City
Model Collective of Social Security Administration
Demonstration Unit of Public and Democratic Management of Village Affairs
Model County (city) of Advanced Culture
Top 100 Counties (cities) of Comprehensive Development
Top 10 Economy Small and Medium Cities
Top 100 Counties (cities) of Comprehensive Strength of Small and Medium Cities
Model County (city, district) of Security Building
Pilot of Eco-civilization Building of China
Demonstration of Harmonious Community Building of China
Key Contact Grassroots Unit of Patent Protection
Model Unit of Martial Arts Building
Sino-Germany Business Cooperation Base
The First Direct Shipping Port City across the Taiwan Strait
County with the Best Investment Value in the Yangtze River Delta
2011 Forbes China List of Best County-Level Cities
Top 100 Counties (cities) of Well-off Society Building with Best Growth Potential
Model County (city) of Cultural Heritage Protection
Example County (city) of Urban-Rural Integration Building of China (Yangtze River)

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