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Auto Parts Development in Taicang
  • Borgwarner Auto Parts (Jiangsu) Co., Ltd
    BorgWarner Auto Parts( Jiangsu ) Co., Ltd. is the 8th factory invested by BorgWarner in China, whose core business will focus on turbo charger . Taicang factory will become the 2nd biggest turbo charger manufacturer invested by BorgWarner in China, supplying for Domestic and Foreign Vehicle Brands like Ford, GM, Volvo and BYD.
  • Actuant (China) Industries Co., Ltd.
    Actuant (China) Industries Co., Ltd. starts operating since August 2008. As Engineering and Manufacturing Base, Taicang factory not only serves high-flying growing Asian Market but also provide more competitive products and service for global customers.
  • VAST Vehicle Access Systems Technology LLC
    VAST Vehicle Access Systems Technology LLC is a wholly foreign invested company by VAST Alliance in 2010 which provide high-value mechanical ,electrical , security and access products for automobile industry.
  • Magna Mirrors (Taicang) Automotive Technology CO., Ltd.
    Magna Mirrors (Taicang) Automotive Technology CO., LTD, a wholly-owned company of Magna International, is the research center and manufacturer of lighting system, Car mirror actuators and electronic components , Whose products are provided to major automobile factories and exported overseas.
Company Name Main Products
Schaeffler (China) Co., Ltd. High -precision automobile bearings
TRUMPF (China) Co., Ltd. sheet metal products; medical apparatus
Brose Automotive Systems door system, seat frame and injection molding
Mubea Automotive Components (Taicang) Co., Ltd. Springs, belt tightening pulley
Haering Precision (Taicang) Co., Ltd. Lathe part for gasoline injection system
Kern-Liebers(Taicang)Co., Ltd. Punching equipment, spring
Tox-Pressotechinik(Taicang)Co., Ltd. Hydraulic pressure cylinder, sheet metal punching connection technology
Krones Machinery(Taicang)Co.,Ltd. filling machinery
BOS Automotive Systems (Taicang) Co., Ltd Develop and manufactures of automobile interior system
Taicang SEJONG Auto Co., Ltd The exhaust system engineering
Actuant (China) Industries Co., Ltd. Hydraulic, electrical tools and suppliers
BorgWarner Auto Parts (Jiangsu) Co., Ltd. Turbo-charging system
VAST Vehicle Access Systems Technology LLC mechanical, electromechanical and electronic security, control products
Magna Mirrors (Taicang) Automotive Technology Co., Ltd. lighting, external actuator systems and electronic module
Taicang Kern-Liebers Co., Ltd. Spring for Safty Belt;Machinery
Krones Machinery(Taicang)Co.,Ltd. filling machinery
Magna (Taicang) Automotive Technology Co.,Ltd. auxiliary lighting and exterior mirror actuator systems
Trumpf Sheet Metal Products (Taicang) Co.,Ltd. laser cutting machinery
Schaeffler (China) Co., Ltd. Bearings, components of motor
Tox-Pressotechinik(Taicang)Co., Ltd Machinery, tools,connection technique
Vollmer Taicang Co., Ltd. machinery
Emag Tools (Taicang) Co., Ltd. Control machinery
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